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There is no magic behind Stories created by CANDID CAPTURE !!     

We put our Heart & the right skills into it !!

Every wedding is a reflection of the love, hard work and dedication of the souls involved in it. Our endeavor is to convey these emotions in its natural bliss to every frame we capture. These frames speak great volumes beyond time and generations. When others go behind trends, we at Candid Capture strive hard to keep alive those precious moments without losing the emotions, happiness and intensity behind them.

"Each and every frame has a story to tell and we at Candid Capture weave the memories artfully into stories that will last for lifetime"

Vikas Wadhwa

Founder, Cinematographer & Editor

Storyteller by heart & soul, Vikas comes with more than 10 years of diverse experience in film making and cinematography. He is the creative force behind the unique way of functioning of  Candid Capture.  He is amongst the new tribe of video editors who are credited to bridge the fiction and non-film style of video editing & film making. A tech nerd by nature, he is proficient in photoshop, VFX and Cinematography too.


Beena Nankani

Co-Founder & Candid Photographer

Creativity, perfection and patience are what defines Beena. She understands the nuances of the visual medium and is an expert in capturing the visual that connects instantly with the viewers. She pays attention to every minute detail and combines unique camera techniques to create stunning shots on the screen. Her photos are a pure work of art and clearly reflects the tremendous amount of efforts she puts into her work.





with the India's finest story based wedding filmer !

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Pre Wedding

 We are providing   Pre-Wedding, Fashion, Commercial and Candid Wedding Photography in GURGAON,JAIPUR,KANPUR,



At CANDIDCAPTURE, we connect with the sentiments of the bride and groom and offer on-the-spot Photo-Video Edits.

Model Portfolio

Your modeling portfolio is essentially your resume. It should have everything you need to make a good impression and showcase what you can do, so it should obviously include your most flattering photos and previous features, if there are any.


Try us if you are looking for your professional photographer, passionate, for a unique, unforgettable day such as your baby Sitter Photography.